Why take your personal training to the pool? The benefits are endless! 

An aquatic workout is low impact and easy on your bones and joints. The water's support can ease your fear of falling, so you can enjoy feeling confident and secure while training. Reduced weight-bearing grants you the freedom to perform movements you may not be able to do on land and increased resistance created by the water itself. Aquatic personal training will help you work on your endurance, flexibility, balance, and strength. 

Aquatic personal training is for any age, any fitness level, and any water ability. Our nationally certified personal trainers will work with you one-on-one to create workouts personalized to your goals and needs. If you are training for a sporting event, if you want to improve your strength after surgery or an injury, or are simply seeking to improve your general fitness in a new and exciting way aquatic personal training is for you! 


  • At the West and Central Y locations – permitting open pool times


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