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Ballet For All

Finding the right ballet class can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially for the adult dancer who simply wants to drop in for the fun of a plié or two while still being challenged.  This dance class is for you! In this easy-going yet technique-based class, multiple levels are welcome from the very beginner to the experienced dancer who wants to deepen their technique.  This class focuses on ballet barre with some center work, turns, and gentle across the floor.  There is no jumping portion of this class to give the knees a little love.  Ballet will tone muscles, improve body lines, and bring a full body focus to other disciplines or sports. Come enjoy a class that lets you work hard while still having fun! 



Jazz for Grown-Ups

There may or may not be jazz hands, but there will definitely be plenty of hip-swiveling sass in this jazz class!  It can be hard to find a dance class that fulfills the joy of moving in a relaxed environment, so look no further if you would like to learn a little fun choreography alongside technique and conditioning.  In this class, there will be a warm-up to get the body ready, a bit of low-impact conditioning, and then finally some satisfying choreography that lets dancers find their own style!  This class will help with balance, musicality, and strength as well as bring a bit of that razzle-dazzle to the everyday. 



Historical Dagger 

Whether you're looking for a new fitness outlet or have always wanted to try a historical martial art, then this class will be the perfect fit.  The techniques in this class are sourced from a historical text written in the 1500s as we work to recreate a fighting style centuries-old.  In this class run by the Grand Traverse Historical Weapons Guild, there will be a brief warm-up then move into drills for both solo work and partners.  There is a strong focus on safety and control so that you can have fun while learning to "safely hit your friends".  No partner is necessary and all equipment will be provided.