We’re excited to announce a large, open indoor space for youth, adults, seniors and families to recreate and connect!


  • Adult open court
  • Family open court
  • Youth basketball practice/games
  • Adult basketball practice/games


  • Adult open track
  • Fitness class use (relays, circuits, etc.)
  • Family open track (kids and strollers allowed)
  • Walking clubs


  • Adult open wall
  • Family open wall
  • Bouldering 101
  • Fitness class use (traverse wall, etc.)


  • Tables for homework, games or work
  • Bench for tying shoes, charging electronics
  • Shuffleboard, air hockey and foosball
  • Meeting place for clubs


A fast-paced, indoor version of soccer with no boards, a smaller, heavier ball and more focused on skill development.

Practice your skills with friends during open court time or play in an organized futsal league for a fun game and fantastic workout!


As a YMCA, we take our responsibility seriously to be a community resource and to serve the most number of people possible. Here’s what went into this decision.

When making decisions at this organization, we do so in 2 ways:

  1. With data
  2. Focusing on bridging gaps in the community in 3 ways: 1) Youth Development 2) Healthy Living and 3) Social Responsibility

It’s no secret that we have a gap in youth development here in Grand Traverse region.

The YMCA has created dozens of programs aimed at engaging youth in the area, and we’ve had great success with this, serving over 1,000 youth every week in YMCA programming.

But there’s still an element missing. If kids between the ages of 8-16 aren’t in paid programming, there’s no safe, positive place for them to be active and engaged with friends.

After school hours, our West lobby is filled with middle school kids sitting at tables on their phones.

We knew we needed a solution to youth inactivity and social isolation.

This Youth & Family Center would give us that solution, at least for now. With large, open spaces for kids and families to play, we’re hoping to reinvigorate the spirit of active, energetic youth.

Kids can play futsal, throw a frisbee, try new sports, play games with mom and dad or even just engage in a simple game of tag with their friends after school. This at least gives them a physical space to get creative and run, play and laugh.

This Center isn’t just for youth though.

We have a large population of seniors looking for a place to connect with friends, walk and stay active indoors, and enjoy a friendly and safe environment.

Furthermore, we know there are adults looking for space to shoot hoops, traverse a climbing wall, or do any number of other indoor activities – and now they can with the open space in this Youth and Family Center.

Our goal in this was to provide a temporary first step solution to several different gaps in this community that we’re not currently able to bridge. We will continue to monitor and assess our spaces as the community moves and grows and we will continue to be flexible in meeting whatever needs we have the bandwidth to meet.

We are here to strengthen the “us” in our community. But we can’t do it without your support.


No. We are still in fundraising for Phase II.

After monitoring trends for 3 years, we began the discussion of renovation in May 2017. We completed our due diligence in the decision making process and are set to begin construction immediately rather than delaying any longer. It will be a nice way for members to start the new year with a newly renovated facility with many more options for physical activity.

Absolutely. Tennis is still a very important piece of the YMCA and we will continue to host programs, lessons and leagues on our 4 Upper Courts.

No tennis programming or leagues have been cut from our current schedule. Only 4 programs had to shift times, but no programming was sacrificed.

No contract court time was cut. All participants who purchased contract court time still have that time, it’s just on the Upper Courts now instead of the Lower Courts.

The Y has implemented a number of changes to help grow and cultivate our tennis program:

  • In early 2017, we adjusted our tennis youth program to follow the recommendations of the USTA guidelines installing short court lines and adjusting our programs to reflect those recommendations

  • We started morning tennis leagues 

  • We partnered with the Grand Traverse County Senior Center to try and peak tennis interest there in the summer months that would translate to usage at the Y in the winter months

  • We decreased tennis court rental pricing

  • We offered free court use in the summer to members

  • Our tennis pros host a family night on Friday’s that is free and marketed to try to gain new interest in YMCA families and adults