This program focuses on developing students with strong character, discipline and self-esteem. Students train in a positive learning environment with a strong emphasis on respect, values and goal realization.


LOCATION: West Y    |    FEE*: $69/month for members (*$99/month for community participants)


Wednesdays, 5:00pm-5:30pm

A detailed curriculum designed specifically to improve basic motor and listening skills in preschool age children. These skills help them become better students in school, better listeners at home and enter society with greater confidence.


  • Learn to say “yes, sir” and “yes, ma’am”
  • Learn to look adults in the eyes when speaking
  • Learn powerful personal development skills like “whining gets you nothing”, the importance of sleeping in your own bed at night, the rules of sharing and to obey parents after only one time of being given instruction
  • Learn the importance of good manners, focus and self-control
  • Learn that they are not allowed to use their new kicking and punching skills at school, on siblings, furniture or friends
  • Motivated with new belts, stickers and trophies based on behavior and attitude
  • Learn that behaviors and attitudes have consequences
  • Play games like “Jump the Dragon Tail and the Ninja Jungle Walk to keep students captivated
  • Games or “drills” designed to help build strong hand-eye coordination, balance, agility and timing


Wednesdays, 5:35pm-6:10pm

Focuses on developing students’ confidence, respect, self-control & listening skills. Provides a great workout, and students learn to channel their energy in a positive, productive way.


  • Learn and practice the 4 Dragon Rules of Focus: 1) Focus your eyes 2) Focus your ears 3) Focus your mind and 4) Focus your body
  • Learn bully defense training to positively stop aggression without violence, but by using body language, voice, mind and confidence to deter bullies
  • Break boards, compete in tournaments and show off skills to earn new belts and patches
  • Kicking and punching agility courses
  • Martial arts relay races
  • Build strong bodies through training and drills
  • Learn that skills and techniques are never to be used to pick on others


Wednesdays, 6:15pm-6:55pm

Focuses on developing students with strong character, discipline & self-esteem. This essential development is achieved by training in a positive learning environment in which respect, values and goal realization are heavily emphasized.


  • New students will not feel intimidated or “behind” as they will start in a beginning class with other new students
  • Learn bully defense training to positively stop aggression without violence, but by using body language, voice, mind and confidence to deter bullies
  • Students will develop strong self defense skills, balance, coordination, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning
  • Students are equipped with real life skills – such as how to speak in public with confidence
  • Students learn how to be leaders among their peers
  • Learn to respect parents and teachers
  • Enjoy challenging agility courses, sword fighting, board breaking, tournaments and fun martial arts drills that build bodies and keep excitement high


Wednesdays, 7:00pm-7:45pm

Build confidence, character, mind and bodies. The class is fun, fast-paced and challenging and focuses on superior technique and self-discipline. Male and female teen students alike are equipped with effective (and empowering) self-defense skills to protect them from possible threats—great training for young adults heading off to college, those starting part time jobs, or learning to drive.