This is a 10-week wellness challenge for all YMCA employees. If we are to be leaders in health and wellness, we must first lead by example.

This challenge is meant to create sustainable healthy habits, help us make small steps of progress each week, challenge ourselves and let us have fun with teammates in a friendly competition.


Oct. 17-Dec. 25th (final score cards can be turned in any time the next week)

  1. Get a team of 4 people together – pick a team name and a team captain
  2. Submit your team online through the form on this page
  3. Each week, download your weekly bingo card from the website to complete
  4. All team members must turn in their bingo cards to Beth Barbaglia by Tuesday of each week to get credit
  5. The team with the most points at the end of the 10 weeks will win the grand prize
  1. Be honest. Your competition is watching.

1 night stay at the Great Wolf Lodge for EACH team member.




Midway through week two I have already made changes that will positively impact my life.

My personal goal was to give up caffeine. I drank up to four red bulls a day and countless cups of coffee. I slowed down my consumption as soon as I heard about our wellness challenge and by the time it started I was able to completely replace it with water only. I plan to make this a permanent change!

My personal goal in week two was eight hours of quality sleep. This one seemed impossible in my mind. I work two jobs and I am a single parent. Less then five hours a night seemed to settle with my body. I thought it felt normal. I had tried more in the past with negative results. I often felt shaky and nauseous. With the caffeine gone I tried again. Six hours but poor sleep. I posted on our group page for support. I received some great advice from our awesome coworkers and eight hours became a reality.

My mood drastically improved. I have more energy and motivation to complete daily activities. I am grateful for this challenge.

I have wanted to make changes in my life but it is tuff when you are the only one. Doing this as a team even if your goals are different you can all relate and support one another. My wellness goals will continue well after this challenge ends. This will be life changing for me!


I’m still working on improving my sleep.

I usually only sleep 3-4 hours a night


Getting eight hours of sleep every night has been a really big challenge for me since I became a parent. This challenge came at just the right time.

This past week I’ve noticed a consistent boost in energy throughout my whole day, less energy and mood crashes and overall a better feeling of happiness and contentment, all because I’m sleeping enough.

I’m so grateful to have this extra push to make sure I let my body rest after working hard all day!