Entering all your program information for each season into Daxko is a pretty intense process. We want to make sure we get it right and also want to make sure we have enough information to market your program properly and let people know how cool it is.

You’ll fill out just 1 Program Intake below for each program you have. (For instance, Stage 1 Swim Lessons)

Then, for each session you offer, you’ll fill out a Session Intake form. (For instance, for a monthly program offered on 3 separate days – “June – Mondays”, “June – Wednesdays”, “June – Saturdays)

In total, you would have filled out 1 Program Intake and 3 Session Intakes.

If you have any trouble, contact our team and we’ll help you out.


This is information about the program as a whole – not session information.


This is information about each session you run of your program.